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Bio Attorney, Marine, Triathlete, Historian. Fmr Fed Prosecutor & Repub; now Defense Att & Democrat. Track and Report on the Right-Wing. Seen on BBC, CNN, MSNBC.
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Twitter for iPhone : Check these two out while Marge is speaking.

Twitter for iPhone : Melania Trump: โ€œI enjoyed living in the WH .. I enjoyed taking care of the WH, it was my home for a while. I understood it is โ€˜Peopleโ€™s house.โ€™โ€

Twitter for iPhone : Melania says people should be doing more to help their communities like her: โ€œThose people who criticize me, I would encourage them to help in their own community, or maybe join my โ€˜Foster the Futureโ€™ initiative.โ€

Twitter for iPhone : Lauren Boebert: โ€œYes, there is definitely a โ€˜replacement theoryโ€™ thatโ€™s going on right now, killing American jobs.โ€

Twitter for iPhone : Michael Flynn at the QAnon conference yesterday: โ€œDonald Trump is still President of the United States. They can call me whatever they want. I donโ€™t see 81 people wearing โ€˜Build Back Betterโ€™ hats.โ€