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Time for the world to wake up. Free Palestine - Lets stop the Stigma of Mental Health & the Criticism of Israel - #FreePalestine - #Palestine🇵🇸 #WakeUpWorld.

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Every Bullet Has a Name: Impunity for Israeli Crimes Against Palestinian Human Rights Defenders…

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If it looks like fish, smells like fish, it probably is fish. What else do people need to finally say the word APARTHEID?

“Discrimination against Palestinians is overt and systemic,” says World Council of Churches Central Committee…

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'The EU has overturned a funding ban on two Palestinian NGOs, effectively debunking an Israeli campaign to smear them as 'terrorists'.'

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In todays episode of “its not apartheid you antisemite!”

Israeli 'police' arrested a mother & father this evening and left their two infant children unaccompanied, alone, distraught in the car!

Tell me again about shared values & democracy!

Boycott Divest Sanction