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This Casey Anthony bullsh*t is a perfect example of why you can't just trust a true crime doc. Someone sat down and actually thought, 'You know what, let's have Casey Anthony lie to us for a while. What's the worst that can happen?' And it got green lit!

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Really disappointed some of you are falling for Casey Anthony’s lies about her parents. This woman is a pathological liar, this woman has not uttered a word of truth. DO NOT GROUP HER WITH WOMEN WHO ARE ACTUALLY ASSAULT SURVIVORS. She killed her baby, that’s all there is to know.

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I’m not sure what & Peacock hoped to do with this series. She was a manipulative liar then and she’s a manipulative liar now. No one believed you then. No one believes you now. WhereTheTruthLies

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said last time there was wasted air time on her that she sleeps well at night. Of course she does. Because she knows who murdered her child. If it was any other mother, we wouldn't rest until we knew who murdered our baby. We wouldn't be able to sleep. Baby killer

Betsy T. Lawless ☀️(@LolaCoca_Cola) 's Twitter Profile Photo

If George used to suffocate Casey Anthony as she claims he did to where she was completely incapacitated, why the hell would he have to google foolproof suffocation? Wouldn’t he be a pro by then? 🤔

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Watched crap on Peacock. I read every piece of evidence all 1000+ pages in real time. She was responsible. The DA lost that case with Murder 1 or nothing. She is a and of the highest degree. 🤮🤮🤮

Betsy T. Lawless ☀️(@LolaCoca_Cola) 's Twitter Profile Photo

Why did they not ask Rob Dick to be in this documentary? Or Dominic Casey? Or anyone for that matter who could expose Casey for who she truly is? A narcissistic pathological liar who only cared about the amount of media outside of her house & her celebrity status, NOT CAYLEE.

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The biggest problem Casey Anthony has is that despite what she says and her claims of innocence, the evidence points to her alone. She can blame everyone, but the evidence suggests she was the only one with Caleb when she died. Follow the evidence. She's just gaslighting

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Join us today at 4pm PST. This is a show you don't want to miss with Rob Dick ! Please share and give Rob a warm welcome to the show.
Bounty Hunter Rob Dick Revisits The Casey Anthony Case! - *LIVE* EXCLUSI... via YouTube

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Casey Anthony To Speak In Upcoming Docuseries: Casey To Speak On-Camera For First Time In New Peacock Docuseries! - thetecheducation…

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YES! GOT PAID FOR THE PEACOCK DOCUMENTARY. This is how the media does the payments. 'licensed exclusive rights to an extensive library of photos and home videos..'…

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YES! #CASEYANTHONY GOT PAID FOR THE PEACOCK DOCUMENTARY. This is how the media does the payments. 'licensed exclusive rights to an extensive library of photos and home videos..'… @Blaiss @RobDickPI @NancyGrace @alexhaggiagdean @whitgetitwhit @peacock