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Sprout Social : Visits to r/cleaningtips were up 200% from 12/31-1/2. It's clear y'all have some New Year’s Resolutions about being cleaner, which is deeply relatable.

Sprout Social : Per u/Arqueete's mom's recipe cards, I present to you: Betty White's Chicken Wings Pacifica**

**recipe origins unknown via r/Old_Recipes

Twitter for iPhone : dreamt there was a new subreddit called /r/AITHOAITD which was kind of like the Am I The Asshole subreddit except people would post stories from their lives and the commenters would decide if they were Human or if they were Dancer

Sprout Social : If leveling up your kitchen skills is on your New Year's resolution list, please please please check out r/52weeksofcooking.

It's filled with inspo including weekly challenges to keep you progressing.

Sprout Social : If you're not posting a toast on r/toastme at exactly midnight, you're starting 2022 off ✨incorrectly✨.

Sprout Social : Sitting in the limbo that is the week between Christmas and New Years wondering what new Reddit community I'll discover today.

Sprout Social : REMINDER: Don't forget to show your love for BTS_official @bts_twt with a billboard! Submit your design in r/PTB for the chance to have it displayed IRL in LA or NYC.
For rules and more, go to:

Sprout Social : It's not too late to read reviews for something impossible to get on Reddit and ask for it for Christmas.

Sprout Social : 'Here's our annual 'parenting disaster' Christmas card. 8 years and counting...' - u/kakalacky_guy via r/funny