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Bio Here I stand, atoms with consciousness, matter with curiosity. A universe of atoms, an atom in the universe. Tribute to the great explainer.
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Kathmandu : 22. Science writer majoring in quantum mechanics. I research on scientific history. Writer at @cantor_paradise and @PhysInHistory

Austin, Texas : 'The Writing Guy' | I tweet about writing, learning and business | My writing school: | My writing:

Bengaluru, India : Founder, Sublist. Dropout. Reading, finding and sharing interesting things on the Internet. You shouldn’t follow me.

Manhattan, NY : Serial conversationalist. Interested in making you wonder. I teach Psychology and I do Philosophy. PG Radio, Prakhar Ke Pravachan

Ex-CPO Tinder. Architect of top grossing app. Investor/SpaceX/Lyft/Notion/AngelList/Airtable/FTX/eToro/Deel/Extend/StockTwits/DiDi/River/Alpaca/WatchBox/LiquidD

London, England : I write about the intersection of clouds (mental models and marketing) and dirt (tools + tactics) My newsletter👉 Bot 👉 @navalbot

I share interesting ideas & stories from Non-Fiction Books, The Internet & Life 🚀 Creating: @TheStoryCards | Writing: | 'The Story Guy' 🙌

KC / MI / NYC / SF : Personal Leverage, Wealth, Web3 and Sandwiches. Unemployed, yet busy Podcasting: 'Jorgenson's Soundbox' and Writing: @Navalmanack @FirstsFamous

BOM | ⧫ : 16, kickstarting and early team 🛠️ sharing insights about ai, crypto and startups • @beondeck fellow

Baroda : curious about startups, product & marketing | @GetFrontRow @TheProductFolks

CT, New England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿, USA 🇺🇸 : A constant student of nature. Lover of life & a colossal fan of history. Physicist by organic aptitude & an engineer by careful design.

Zac. México. : Ex ELE en Francia y ahora enseño francés en mi ranchito🇲🇽Femme à chats 🐱, el vino y el café son mi motor🍷Perdí mi antigua cuenta y con ella mi fé 🌈

Earth : Atheist Grandfather Science Lover Music Lover Retro Gaming Lover

Londonderry, Northern Ireland : Consultant Healthcare Scientist, Head of Radiotherapy Physics, a Londoner in Derry, Gooner, views very much my own.