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read the yolk.


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The ideal job would be an archivist/librarian . Those are such cool sexy jobs. Third place for sexy jobs would be geologist

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hi is this mr.. grinch? cool. hey man the town paid me to write a song about you. ya. with a tuba & everything. mhm. well they dont think youre very nice. sure. i hear ya. but gig’s a gig, you know how it is. anyway. hows your credit score? would you say its lower than a sinkhole

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why do we keep using the same human names over and over. i want to meet a guy named The Wheelbarrow or Impact Wrench

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was at a basketball & they had 3 dudes up for a hot dog eating contest. then they brought in a 4th guy & said “actually you’re all on a team against him.” he smoked em. apparently it was joey chestnut but i thought it was just some guy. i was like “where did they find this freak”

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just once i would like to walk into my hotel room and find it completely trashed then a couple goons knock me unconscious so i don’t have to go to the conference tomorrow 😭