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Twitter for iPhone : Brexit was always such a low-grade, stupid, shitty thing to do. But wasting so much time, resource and energy on it, while lying about why it’s fine and worth it and not actually causing us all these problems is one of the most low-grade, stupid and shitty things about it.

Twitter for Android : Ian Dunt It's British elite's 'gentleman amateur' mindset applied to professions about which they're totally ignorant. If Boris & Co can turn their hand to Foreign Office or Treasury or Health at the drop of a hat, why can't the lower orders?

Answer: there are consequences to our failure

Twitter Web App : 'Italy, Germany, France, Netherlands, Poland and Spain all have larger gas supplies than the UK.

Italy leads the way with 166.2 TWh (terawatt hours), followed by Germany with 147.1 TWh and France with 113.7 TWh, with the UK storing 8.9 TWh.'

Twitter for iPad : Cast your mind back to the run up to last Christmas. Remember all those European drivers who were kept here in their cabs without food, water or toilets by the UK authorities. Some never made it home for Christmas. If you were one of those drivers, would you be rushing back here?

Twitter Web App : Is the UK such an enfeebled minor player that we no longer have the engineering capacity to build a nuclear power station without foreign help?…?

Twitter Web App : Yeah.

We have to 'Remain' at home because there's no fuel to get anywhere.

This is so Johnson can say at COP26 that the UK is leading the world in reducing carbon emissions by not driving cars!

Master stroke.

Twitter for iPhone : If the PM had listened to voices telling him that ending free movement and cutting immigration for ideological reasons - as well as being wrong in principle - would lead to critical labour shortages, this vital but utterly humiliating climbdown wouldn’t have been necessary.

Twitter Web App : Yesterday at Dominic Raab tried to patronise and talk down to me. I've done a bit more research on the 115 room mansion, Chevening, that he is fighting over...

1. There is no mention of Chevening on the Charity Commission website so it does not appear to be a charity