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Bio I illustrate feelings & wisdom for ambitious creators. Perfectionist who ships. My private newsletter: https://t.co/k1SGanuoIb
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London, England : I deconstruct how the top 1% do things. Turning them into mental models for you to apply in business and life. • My best tweets: https://t.co/0A7xvIPmyJ

Get my freebies → : CMO @ https://t.co/je4Wpfb43I • Building @sayfloat • I'll help you grow your audience + sell your ideas.

Ontario, Canada : Empowering & celebrating founders. Building in public. Wrote https://t.co/tUBK6HunEa & https://t.co/HsWnvhvfGy, bootstrapping the SaaS @permanentlinkhq. Loves ducks. 🍁

Free — Content Ideas eBook 👉 : Tweeting about startups, audience building, the creator economy and everything in between. Building the Internet's first true collaborative blogging platform.

Learn website copywriting 👉 : Helping you get better at marketing, copywriting, business. Founder & CEO @userp_io, own @wordable_io. Journalist @entrepreneur & @sejournal

Logo for your startup in 5min→ : Left a high-paid software job to bootstrap https://t.co/pR5a1Tv4KI with my wife 🕺🏻💃, my father in law doesn’t approve. Tweets and memes about the startup journey.

Toronto and Ottawa : Design @ 🇨🇦🏛 by day. Obsessed with UX, learning and good management. Starving artist on weekends. I have a lot of open tabs.

Brit in Mauritius 🏝 : ⚡️ Developer/designer 👨🏻‍💻 Building micro-SaaS (+$6k MRR) and Ghost themes 📈 Went full-time on side-projects 🚀 https://t.co/JZ4AS6UQlj, https://t.co/sC31Lxmcpv, https://t.co/mzO0wuj7px, https://t.co/ffugLYNkL3

Broccoli lover ➡ : Newbie dad tweeting: getting out there, building in public, and growing superfans. I help you get started at (https://t.co/zKGay8BJT8) & I love (https://t.co/0lLoOzeTWl)

Start here → : Learning how to build & scale internet businesses | Obsessed with copywriting, crypto & automation | Head of Community at https://t.co/Orvh0De3I2

Unlock My DM Secrets → : Not a typical 17-year-old 🤷🏻 Building something new for driven teenagers 🏗️ Tweets about Twitter Growth 📈 On my mission to 1M friends 👥

Fort Worth, Texas : Built https://t.co/AtLpVeuT3G - Learn vim faster, and made $10k in one month. Now, making it easy for other devs to do the same @SlipApp YC S21

Barnsley, UK : 62% designer / 37% marketer / 3% mathematician. Plenipotentiary of art @h_b___a____s Farming @realfaketurnips Opt-in to my spam https://t.co/gi5v2BnKsD

Freelance writer in BE & PE : Tweets, threads and short essays on writing and creating. Daily email: https://t.co/uDLEa1XHqh «» Creator: @coffeepens «» Free Writing Frameworks: https://t.co/bM8CFKBhsH


Chicago, IL : Head of Creative @Potbelly. Formerly: @theonion | Co-founder / fmr editor of Slackjaw @Medium | follow for goofs

Dirty Air is a gritty spirtual warfare film about angels and demons in Las Vegas. The forces of God and Lucifer are ready to battle for Jon Bennet's soul.

Earth & soon to be on Mars : Innovate, Impact, Inspire, Employ. Build One GREAT world- Together. https://t.co/cIsYtAumLY is Future's Facing sectors Energy, Medical, Innovation, Plant base Co.owner

Somewhere by the sea : I make your words work harder 🔥 Anti-boring B2B SaaS Copywriter. Brand Message Strategist. Crisp Connoisseur @wordslion 🦁 Fluent in Spanish, GIF & CrossFit

Jakarta, Indonesia : Hi all, I'm Valya and this is my 2nd twitter handle. Thought I wanted to start fresh, learn and explore better on this powerful twitterverse✨

‏‏👩‍💻 ‏‏Computer science graduate ‏فما لذة العيش دون تحد وماقيمة الحلم إن كان سهلا🙏✨ ‏﴿وَلا تَيأَسوا مِن رَوحِ اللَّهِ﴾