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Twitter Web App : There is no fiscal or economic reason to take the Β£20 from Universal Credit

It's simply a political choice - and an act of gross cruelty

Of course, the debt of the poor makes wealthy people richer.

Twitter for Android : Gas price hikes: BREXIT
Food shortages: BREXIT
Sewage dumping: BREXIT
Export crisis: BREXIT
Driver shortages: BREXIT
Farming chaos: BREXIT
Fishing chaos: BREXIT
Financial Asset exodus: BREXIT
Northern Ireland chaos: BREXIT
Livestock culling: BREXIT

Brexit is killing the UK

Twitter Web App : By reducing Universal Credit, you take money out of local economies. That cost alone is more than the Β£20 costs. You also put extra strain on the NHS, which cost billions

You also put people into poverty and debt - debt from which already rich people make profits.

Twitter Web App : People need to fully grasp that Universal Credit was never enough to survive or live on.

The Β£20 is a lifeline. People are feeling suicidal. It affects children, too. It's absolutely needed.

Twitter for iPhone : I’m getting lots of replies to today’s Universal Credit column saying β€œit’s not a cut.” Some people have become so immune to suffering they can’t engage with it. They can’t admit the injustice of poverty - so will come out saying the injustice is language.

Twitter Web App : Sadistic Injustice Secretary & anti-human rights free market fundamentalist beach-bum Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab, tells Commons the Β£20 a week uplift in Universal Credit was β€œalways meant to be temporary”.

Twitter for Android : 30 years ago I was penniless, just got myself off the street to a bedsit heavily pregnant. My benefits didn't cover my bills to live. I once lived on a lettuce for 10 days whilst 8 months pregnant. Luckily I succeeded in life. Cutting this Β£20/wk UC is like going back 2 the 80s

Twitter for iPhone : Round 1: Full HouseπŸ₯³ Round 2: 33 PointsπŸ˜€ 3 Kirsty’s in 10. I used to work with someone who knew her well - always said what a lovely human she wasπŸ’—

Twitter for iPhone : Round 1 - 36 Points. Round 2 - 30 Points. 3 Manics in 10

Twitter for iPhone : Please get vaccinated… if not for yourself for those around you. My parents refused to get vaccinated, caught covid, passed it to my daughter. They’re fine, but now she’s in the ICU preparing to be intubated. Please, PLEASE. I cannot stress this enough.