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Sprout Social : Let’s take a deep dive into the world of bookbinding and find out more about the craftsmanship behind the unique diploma covers and medal cases.

Find out more about just how they are made:

Sprout Social : to the very moment our 2020 physics laureates received their Nobel Prize medals and diplomas.

It won't be long until our 2021 laureates will be receiving their Nobel Prizes - stay tuned and join us for the festivities taking place on 6-11 December.

Sprout Social : Each Nobel Prize diploma is a unique work of art. The 2021 Nobel Prize laureates will soon be receiving their unique diplomas and medals.

Learn more about the Nobel Prize diplomas in this article:

Sprout Social : “I have failed at many things, but I have never been afraid.”

The fearless literature laureate Nadine Gordimer was one of greatest writers of our time. Living in South Africa during the apartheid era, her literary works often depict the terror many citizens experienced.

Sprout Social : Jane Addams was a social work pioneer, feminist and peace maker.

She dedicated her life to peace work and helping the poor. After being nominated on 91 occasions, she finally received the 1931 Nobel Peace Prize - the second woman to be awarded it after Bertha von Suttner.

Sprout Social : “There is no greater violence than to deny the dreams of our children.”

For more than 30 years, Kailash Satyarthi has been working to end child labour and campaigning for their right to education. In 2014 he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his work.

Sprout Social : Selma Lagerlöf, the first woman to receive the literature prize, was born in 1858.

Lagerlöf's writing was rooted in folk tales and legends from her home district in Värmland County, Sweden, earning her the prize at a time when literature was dominated by realism.

Sprout Social : Nobel Prize laureate Fred Sanger is the only person to be awarded two chemistry prizes - the first for his work on the structure of proteins, the second for DNA sequencing.

Sprout Social : What can men do to eradicate gender inequality in science?

Earlier this week students from across Latin America and the Caribbean joined Nobel Prize laureates to discuss the value of science.

See the full event at

Sprout Social : Yuan T. Lee, born on this day, became a scientist after first being inspired by another laureate - Marie Skłodowska Curie. Lee went onto study chemistry, with a particular interest in reaction dynamics. In 1986 he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his work.

Sprout Social : To understand the ability to orient ourselves in space, John O'Keefe studied brains of rats as they moved around a room. He found different cells were activated depending on where the rat was - forming an internal brain map of the room.

Learn more:

Sprout Social : “But I would like to sound one note of warning...”

During his Nobel Prize lecture in 1945, Sir Alexander Fleming was already concerned about bacteria developing resistance to his newly discovered antibiotic, penicillin.

Read the lecture (pdf):

Sprout Social : 32 years ago the COBE satellite rocketed into earth orbit to measure and map the oldest light in our universe – the cosmic microwave background.

The satellite was created by a team that included John Mather and George Smoot who were awarded the 2006 in Physics.

Sprout Social : in 1948 the Norwegian Nobel Committee decided to make no award that year on the grounds that 'there was no suitable living candidate'. Would Mahatma Gandhi have been awarded the if he hadn’t been murdered on 30 January 1948?

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