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The reason republicans get so incredibly huffy when any of the tools of law enforcement are ever turned upon them is they think “criminals” as an inherent class of people (who they of course could never be part of) rather than a descriptor for someone who commits illegal acts.

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the dark Brandon memes are funnier than most of the emperor trump memes in part cuz you often get the sense the producers of the Brandon ones don’t really like Biden, whereas the trump era ones were created by people who would believe him if he told them he invented the backslash

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Parents are up in arms about kids learning about genders in schools because it “confuses the kids.” Bro I was confused about algebra for four years and none of you said shit.

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“What this is heading towards is…a large set of plaintiffs who are going to be dividing up the corpse of InfoWars in the bankruptcy estate”

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Verdict: Alex Jones owes $45.2 million more to Sandy Hook in punitive damages. That's on top of $4.1 million in compensatory.

That's $49.3 million to two Sandy Hook families. Two more trials after this.

Unanimous verdict (what's required for punitive damages).