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Bio Creating a superteam of a million people who are grateful for NHS staff and happy to support them. A grassroots campaign run by NHS staff.
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Twitter for iPhone : PLEASE SIGN AND RT:

Thousands of NHS staff are having to get changed in toilet cubicles before and after work because they don’t have anywhere else

Surely the people we clapped for deserve better than that?

It will take 20 seconds to help change things


Twitter for iPhone : 🚨 Petition · Protect the NHS: Scrap the health and care bill!

We must be united in opposing the Health and Care Bill, which will open the door to further Privatisation and do NOTHING to solve the real problems in the NHS.

Please sign & share πŸ”

Twitter for iPhone : Have the Government learned nothing over the past 18 months?

Their delays to make every big call has no doubt cost lives, and they are in the process of doing it again.

We don’t like restrictions any more than you do, but it really is time for Plan B - please RT if you agree

Twitter Web App : Quite emotional this am.

We started @thehwf Families Programme to look after the families of the 1,500 UK healthcare workers that've died due to COVID so far.

This new @nhsmillion blog explains more about it's origins:

To donate text HWF to 70085 now

Twitter for iPhone : The Conservatives won’t wear masks in the Commons because they β€˜know each other’, Jacob Rees-Mogg says

This is your Government.

Actively trolling the entire population.


Twitter Media Studio : 'I think we generally feel that people don't see us as humans.'

Rachel Heeley, A&E Matron at Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care Hospital, talks about the barrage of verbal and physical abuse staff at her hospital are experiencing on a daily basis.

Twitter Web App : If I hear one more person talk about 'if' there is unsustainable pressure on the NHS I am going to lose it.

The NHS has been in the grip of a crisis, cancelling cancer ops and leaving 999 callers waiting on hold for up to 10 minutes for literally months now.