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Bio We're trying to find a million people who are grateful for NHS staff and happy to support them long after Covid is over. A grassroots campaign run by NHS staff.
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Twitter for iPhone : Who do you trust? NHS staff or the Daily Mail?

GPs are being viciously scapegoated for years of underfunding of the NHS which has brought the system to its knees.

Now the right wing press and the govt are shifting the blame onto NHS staff.

And it’s working. Don’t fall for it.

Twitter for iPhone : If you’ve lost an NHS worker family member to Covid, please DM us

We have a huge range of support on offer, and we’d love to have a chat about how we can help you

Please share so others can benefit too

You can find more info here: healthcareworkersfoundation.org/families-progr…

Twitter for iPhone : The Daily Mail would have you believe that GPs don’t want to see you face-to-face.

But this is the reality for general practices across the country, as stated by the Chair of the Royal College of GPs.

If you value the truth, please watch and RT.

Twitter Web App : Dear Boris Johnson,

GP practices saw more than 15 million patients face-to-face last month, despite the Government's inability to recruit more GPs as promised.

Please stop trying to blame other people for your failures.


Everyone who knows what is really going on here

Twitter for iPhone : It’s beyond heartbreaking that so many health and care staff have lost their lives fighting Covid

If you’ve lost a loved one who worked in the NHS we can provide you with a wide range of support so please email us



Twitter for Android : I sincerely thank you all for supporting and voting for me. The Best Doctor Award is a collective achievement of all healthcare colleagues, a triumph for refugees and a dedication to war-stricken Afghan people. I hope this will bring a smile on their faces.

Twitter for iPhone : Fully vaccinated people account for just 1.2% of COVID deaths in England.

If you retweet one thing today, let this be it.

Please please get vaccinated.


NHS staff everywhere πŸ’™

PS no hate please, we are literally trying to save your life.

Twitter for iPhone : So this happened yesterday.

Honestly? We are broken. This account is run by just three frontline NHS staff. In truth at least two of us are having a wobble.

If you support what we are doing and think we are needed please will you follow and retweet this to your followers? πŸ™πŸ»