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Twitter Web App : I have a large NFT portfolio but it lacks any sort of passive income. I would love to have some income come in so that I don't have to sell off my collection in order to purchase new projects. NFT liquidity pools are the best option I found so far. Anyone have any other ideas?

Twitter Web App : Everyone seems surprised that Alien Boys are going up. They have had a 3 month head start on all these new projects and they haven't stopped working. This is why early projects with great teams will see value at some point.

Twitter Web App : Essentially all of my discord spam contains a link (normally a discord invite). If discord just had an option to not allow links in dms that would solve a lot of the spam issues.

Twitter Web App : I remember selling an ape to mint 20 bonsais. It felt like a genius move. All I needed was the bonsais to be 1/20th as successful from that point on and it was profitable. I still like the bonsais but financially this was a terrible move. My bonsais are worth around 2 ETH today.

Twitter Web App : DeadHeads NFT Animated Series šŸŽžļøšŸŖ¦

The first ever multi-media brand that gives verifiable ownership of its IP to its fan base via NFTs.

Learn More:
Watch Episode Two Now:ā€¦

Twitter Web App : The project shills in discord dms are getting to be a bit too much. I am conflicted with turning off dms because I get some awesome dms from community members looking for trades or general questions but at this point 95%+ are just shills.

Twitter Web App : It just hit me that with the treasure hunt completed we have officially finished the BAYC original roadmap. What an awesome journey with some unexpected surprises along the way (looking at you doggies). Excited for what is in store with roadmap 2.0!

Twitter for iPhone : This is the most important video Iā€™ve ever done. ā¦Bored Ape Yacht Clubā©. I fucking love you all and Iā€™m here for good.

Twitter Web App : I look at my crypto assets as monopoly money. I do this because the value of them currently has no impact on how I live my normal life. Until you convert it to fiat don't consider it actual money. This makes it a lot easier to get through these NFT bear swings.

Twitter Web App : Interesting project. Essentially each ape represents a real life player and you can get big weekly prizes (1 ETH+) based on if your player wins the weekly competitions (most pass yards, etc). More of a fun project rather than one I expect the floor to take off on.

Twitter Web App : So it looks like the Psycho Teddy Bear release is going to get pumped. 25k in discord and main goal is to shill as much as possible (shilling in 10 discords gets presale access). A bunch of rappers tweeting about it also. Not my cup of tea but if anyone is looking to ride a pump.

Twitter for iPhone : Launching Chimpbet šŸŒ soon that includes a community airdrop to Monkeys for free. No sale at all. This is a licensed web3 Ethereum based casino and sportsbook with live dealers, e-sports betting and more. Thousands of games available from top providers like Evolution and Pragmatic.