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Bio 40 something year old dad of 3 with an answer for everything....true most of the answers dont work in this reality but they are answers nonetheless
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Twitter for Android : Started to watch the series and just when you think can't give you any more of a nostalgia hit they bring out the bloke from games world. If they bring out the games mistress then I'm done

Twitter for Android : rity jesus christ this trial is easy, even with naughty boy shuffling at the speed of an arthritic tortoise it's a doddle.. I'm hoping for an alligator to wrestle in the last closet to make up for it

Twitter for Android : rity you can tell that tonight's episode is a bit dull as I'm looking forward to the adverts

Twitter for Android : rity
Naughty boy: Think I want to leave


Twitter for Android : rity Richard realised if he leaves now under circumstances he can't control he may be asked back next year where's there a chance of him having to do it in Australia instead

Twitter Web App : A Tory MP has claimed that a female Dr Who has resulted in more men turning to a life of crime, which is definitely something The Master pretending to be a Tory MP would say.

Twitter for Android : rity after seeing him throw a strop a few times tonight you just KNEW he was gonna be voted to do the trial

Twitter for Android : rity huzzah with him in trials I can add to my collection of wierd Steve macdonald gifs

Twitter for Android : rity I'm sorry did I miss something or did that argument happen over rice pudding

Twitter for Android : rity never heard of the eagles and another one not knowing how to work a dial phone..... I'm feeling so old tonight

Twitter for Android : rity ooh wonder if they are going to win.... Since Ant and Dec ruined it by saying David tries flapjacks for the first time tonight at the beginning of the show I'm guessing they do

Twitter for Android : rity My geography is notoriously bad so I'd be sat there nodding with whatever the other person said

Twitter for Android : rity hasn't heard of the eagles..... Wait til your inevitable move to radio 2 when you get a bit older

Twitter for Android : Just started the Thankskilling 3 kill count by Dead Meat and had to pause it from laughing at his intro. Truly the look of someone who knows this film is gonna be crap but doing it to avoid the constant requests for it

Twitter for Android : the autographed photo requests are back

Twitter for Android : love the fact that there's no instruments on that song

Twitter for Android : anyone that got a full house in round one today deserves a medal