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Twitter Web App : I'm within driving distance of March Air Reserve Base and remember the days when it was part of Strategic Air Command with B-52 bombers and KC-135 tankers.

For a spell, March ARB had KC-10 tankers, and I got to go on a training flight with them - fun!

Twitter Web App : Having been a Republican, I know there is no love lost with that crowd for Jane Fonda.

So tell me now, how do they accept Tucker Carlson?

Twitter Web App : This is a no-brainer, except to the Murdochs, who allow Tucker Carlson to spew his pro-Putin, anti-freedom propaganda on a nightly basis.

To the Murdochs, it's time to say:

'You've done enough...have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last?'…

Twitter for iPhone : Did You Know:

When you swab your nose for a rapid test or a PCR test…. You do NOT want to go for the “snot and gooey” stuff.

Nope, the virus lives in the cells lining your nose.

You want the swab to rub against and “scrape” the cells of the nasal walls for the best sample.

Twitter Web App : Businesses are usually in business to make money - the most straightforward explanation of DirecTV dropping One America News is the media market is changing (I recently dropped my cable TV because I didn't want to pay for content I don't consume.)…

Twitter Web App : A progressive activist/political scientist with some tough love to his fellow progressives RE, their ineffectual attempts to jam the square peg of their hidebound, timeworn theories/priors into the round hole of political and electoral reality.…

Twitter Web App : We aren't in a battle over public policy anymore... We are in a battle between the truth and lies. There is no 'center' between the truth and lies.

You have to pick the side of truth.

Peter Wehner explains below from our webinar 'Defending Truth' with @Jon_Rauch:

Twitter Web App : Tucker Carlson has *always* been a shape-shifting media creature who sticks his moistened finger in the wind and rejiggers his shtick to appeal to his target audience - in this case aggrieved whites deceived into believing they are natural allies with Putin's 'Christian' Russia.