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Twitter Web App : “I think that we’ve made enough headway to be able to see the outline of the future... We’ve had the chance to get real data on it and really prepare ourselves.” – VP, revenue product Megan Walton shares with Marketing Brew ☕️ on our 1P data solution, Forte…

Sprout Social : After talking to more than a dozen industry experts, we explain why the third-party cookie became so popular, what led to its demise, the many alternatives trying to replace it, and what the industry might look like without it.

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Twitter Web App : This is a great guide for anyone (like me) trying to understand what the hell is going on with the 3rd-party cookie. The Marketing Brew ☕️ team has been working on it for a while (since before I started, so I take no credit). Hats off to everyone involved…

Sprout Social : The old guard of US Spanish-language broadcasting, as well as newer companies born of the internet, is building out streaming platforms catering to Spanish-speakers in the US.

Twitter Web App : Key takeaways from this article:

-Cookies are bad and will be gone by next year
-Brands are looking to build relationships with users
-No more spying on you, ad targeting, data scraping
-The creative (designer) will be in high demand…