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Twitter Media Studio - LiveCut : After 'multiple failings' were found in response to child sex abuse claims made against Lord Janner, former Manchester Police Detective Constable Maggie Oliver says 'Victims are still being blamed and ignored. We need an overhaul of the system.'

Julia Hartley-Brewer | Maggie Oliver

Twitter for iPhone : When will Manchester get a police service that is actually fit for purpose? We have a new chief, a second damning HMIC report 8 months into his tenure…and the clock is ticking

Greater Manchester deserves better': Prime Minister speaks on failings of GMP…

Twitter for iPhone : It’s just not good enough… in the past 8 weeks alone we’ve helped with 116 current cases where victims are not being heard & their abuse not investigated. Wise words from Vera Baird DBE QC

How do you fix a problem like Greater Manchester Police?…

Twitter for iPad : Reading between the lines here it is clear to me junior detectives were challenging senior officers determined to close this case down… mirrors my experiences in GMP.

Janner child abuse claims: police guilty of failing to investigate, report finds…

Twitter for iPhone : Another report, another apology and again comments that these are ‘historical failures’. Well sadly these same failures are prevalent today. And recent cases would suggest things are even worse! Accountability not more apologies is the answer…

Twitter for iPhone : I would say his problem was that he was caught out. Many others in power share the same antiquated views and hence why VAWG has almost become decriminalised

Police chief resigns after suggesting Sarah Everard was not ‘streetwise’… via Metro

Twitter for iPhone : As a prosecutor, I have lost count of the cases I have had to drop because complainants have simply given up after having their trial adjourned for the third time.

Government cuts mean we don’t have enough courts, judges, barristers or solicitors.

And there’s no plan to fix it.

Twitter for iPhone : Do you have any OFFICE SPACE in or around Manchester that we could beg, steal or borrow??

I’d be eternally grateful if you could help us on this next step in our journey to change this workd for the better…. Please!! 🙏

Twitter for iPad : I often read Vera Baird DBE QC comments and feel that I could have written them myself, so close are they to my own thoughts! I have the greatest respect for her views, which are based on knowledge and a deep understanding of a broken system which we must continue to call out.

Twitter for iPad : Another true story of abuse and a child failed, which the survivor has asked me to share to help and inform others who may be suffering the same pain to know they aren’t alone. Any survivor needing emotional support to move forward, please get in touch. X…

Twitter for iPhone : More proof of antiquated working practises and misogyny in police forces, if that’s even in doubt! And even here senior officers in this case try to say things have changed since 2017.. well done Jo!…

Twitter Media Studio : 'I saw senior officers turning a blind eye to violence to girls.'

Former detective Maggie Oliver says the Sarah Everard case has 'brought together public opinion about its anger against the system which is broken.'