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Twitter Web App : Remember when NYT/WP got Pulitzers for 'deeply sourced, relentlessly reported coverage... dramatically furthered nation's understanding of Russian... connections to the Trump campaign, the President-elect's transition team and his eventual administration.'…

Twitter Web App : No Democrats and only 57 Republicans voted against a spending package to send $40 billion -- $40 BILLION -- to Ukraine. More than even the massive amount Biden requested.

TweetDeck : While people are discovering new abortion facts, remember the David Daleiden videos? Remember how you were told a 'report' said they were edited? That 'report' was by Fusion GPS, also responsible for the Steele Dossier. And no, I'm not kidding.…

Twitter Web App : The story of Roe, in short. The majority believed that it was riding a wave of public support for liberalization of abortion, which would continue to grow, just like (e.g.) it did for Brown v. Board, and later for Obergefell. The majority per Blackmun also thougth that the only

Twitter Web App : Here I am, still reading the The Tallahassee Democrat's account of the issue between the alleged victim and State Rep. Ramon Alexander, leader-designate of the Florida House Dems. The Democrat (a Gannett newspaper) did an extensive story. (11)

Twitter Web App : This is really uncomfortable to watch

I'm paraphrasing, but:

Bill Maher: Are the white people of Maine racist?

Progressive: There's lots of racism to be found, but I won't call them racist because I need their votes

So where is all the racism coming from then...the lobster?

Twitter for iPhone : New from me —> Twitter permanently banned Trump for two tweets they claimed were “interpreted” as glorifying violence. But they’re now allowing far more straightforward calls to violence from leading blue checks and Democrats. Because of course they are.…

Twitter for iPhone : The left saw the Supreme Court as a way to push their agenda without getting it through a legislature.

Now that the court isn’t doing their bidding, they want to burn it to the ground.

Mark Paoletta