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Twitter for iPhone : Update: I handled the penetration well for about the first 10 minutes. As the strokes got deeper, I succumbed to him lol. Basically pounded into submission πŸ˜‚πŸ˜©. However, I enjoyed myself and I am encouraged for our next outing.

Twitter for iPhone : If Derrick Henry is not awarded the NFL MVP before his career ends I will be sick to my stomach with the NFL. He’s been the best offensive player in football for like 2-3 years now. I’m tired of this QB bias.

Twitter for iPhone : I wonder how I am going to handle the heavy balls and deep penetration from the back today? It won’t be easy but hopefully I am up for the challenge 😊. It’s been awhile since I had some action.

Twitter for iPhone : Love someone who can realize they need to take a mental health day. Sometimes, you walk in and the vibes aren’t right and you need to leave. Good for Ben. Take your time to get right bro.

Twitter for iPhone : This why I don’t say anything about other ppl’s experiences because I realize it’s not the same as mine. You can live in the burbs and it’s all affluent Black ppl chillen. Success and love all around. I just say damn/kill and keep it moving. Cus life really SUPER diff elsewhere.

Twitter for iPhone : Adrian Mannarino beating Rublev is absolutely hilarious because who saw that one coming? On his day, he can trouble anyone. Funny thing is, it hasn’t been his day in awhile. Not the same human who lost to Mager in Sofia.