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🇺🇸 “I have no reason to suppose that he, who would take away my Liberty, would not when he had me in his Power, take away everything else.” —John Locke


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“You just don’t UNDERSTAND the science” they screech as they inject themselves with their 5th jab after suffering their 3rd bout of Covid.

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If Community Notes can correct me, then obviously they can correct anyone. This is a good example. They were right to add the label.

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Saying “oh this isn’t feasible” is the entire downfall of the Republican Party. Pretending that “just a bit more government” can fix **ANYTHING** related to health care is the literal crux of the problem.
Government has destroyed Heath care & health innovation in America.

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Keri Anne🦕🦖 LibertyJ The Washington Post Yeah “junk” science. Now more vaccinated people have died of Covid and that is with a year head start on deaths of the unvaccinated. Point of free speech is to challenge the norm . You don’t get to censor other views and come back with “ new evidence “ .

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Keri Anne🦕🦖 LibertyJ The Washington Post If the 'science' is changing every few months or even WEEKS as it was with every single covid 'fact' the govt & pharma put out it was never science at all. It was their irresponsible, false conjecture & misinformation that's caused the confusion & mistrust of their pseudoscience

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50 years from now, the CDC will be posting about the “celebration” of people who died from MRNa “vaccines” pretending they voluntarily “sacrificed” instead of BEING sacrificed by the CDC experiments once again.