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Bio Researcher @ w/ a penchant for wild spaces & abstract thoughts. I study coordination & adaption in remote teams doing high risk/high consequence work.
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Twitter Web App : 'Be a lifelong learner' was something I was lucky enough to hear as a kid. I can't help but think about that more & more these days, as technology keeps moving forward faster & faster, if you're not developing the muscles to Always Be Learning, you're gonna have a really bad time

Twitter for iPhone : Do you have a documentation culture or a meeting culture?

Documentation culture - we talk and collaborate in docs. Why have a meeting?

Meeting culture - we have documents, but we have to have meetings to get people to read/engage them.

Twitter Web App : The thing about Learning from Incidents is that you can't be a hero when it comes to it. The magic happens when you have a group of folks bought into it who do the work together and want to learn because they know it makes a difference.

Twitter Web App : Is it really a ''gap in the literature'', or did I just miss a paper from the 80s?

Twitter Web App : Today for the first time I saw someone open an incident channel as a 'near miss'. THIS feels like progress in the right direction! Near misses can lead to just as many learnings as a real incident.