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A Creative HOST, Freelance Copywriter, Oldie, PR and a Different Breed. I’m MISUNDERSTOOD but DREAM’s still VALID! Tv:@Klasick_tv 📨:[email protected]


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Dolapo Klasick The Host 🫶🏾🎤 Mo-Mo Relationships are now more difficult than ever. Everyone is being wary and careful of the other person. Men don't trust ladies and ladies don't trust men. Everyone is on the edge, suspicious of the words and actions of other person. Distrust everywhere.

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Mo-Mo Relationship these days is just exhausting, funny and competition of who’s more important and who’s more valuable. Nobody wants to be vulnerable.

“If we break up, There are people outside that will be with me, so i can’t apologize and won’t text first too”

Bunch of horrible…

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Wait, babes never beg you for knacks abi we are going to pretend women don't beg for knacks?

Have you not seen their reaction to being rejected?

Turning them down for sex is worse than turning them down for relationship. It is easy tonwake up their insecurity

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