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Twitter Web App : Herschel Walker stole from vets?

At least when Trump stole from veterans via his fraud online University, conservative patriots held him accountable and didn't vote for him.

Oh wait

Twitter Web App : Also, God? pls ignore:

-how Herschel Walker said his Dissociative Personality Disorder caused violent feelings
-& his ex filed a protective order claiming he was violent against her
-& he lied abt hiring 100s of employees (it was 8)
-& lied abt owning a chicken processing plant

Twitter for iPhone : 1. Sharing actual public facts about Herschel Walker is not what racism is
2. Nor is it “attacking”
3. Actual racism doesn’t bother you, Nick Adams
4. Where was Barack Obama born, please?
5. If question #4 is at all upsetting or awkward for you to quickly answer, see #3

Twitter Web App : US Bishops have barred the following Catholics from receiving Holy Communion due to:

Turning Away Refugees- 0
Drone Assassinations- 0
Denying Care to the Sick- 0
Exploiting The Poor- 0
Supporting Executions- 0
Calling Refugees 'illegals'- 0
Covering Up Child Rape- 0

Twitter Web App : But the archbishop gladly still serve Holy Communion to pro-death penalty politicians.

And the death penalty, unlike abortion, was actually something Christ spoke out against.

In case you thought this had anything to do with Christ.

Twitter Web App : Because Jesus literally says
'He who lives by the sword will die by the sword'
to order his followers
not to fight back in self defense,
then He heals the guy
whose ear Peter cut off
and surrenders nonviolently.

Fundamentalists never read the Jesus parts.

Twitter Web App : She turns to me and says “What if all this UFO information is suddenly coming out now bc Trump was planning to sell the info to someone? What if that’s why they took away his daily briefings?”

I laugh and say she’s crazy.
Then I lie awake, horrified, for hours.

Twitter Web App : John 8:1-11
Matthew 6:12-14
Matthew 5:39
Matthew 18:21-22
Matthew 7:12
Matthew 5:7
Matthew 9:13
& hey -God gives the 1st murderer a pardon in Genesis 4:15

Jesus overturns 'eye for an eye' in the Sermon on the Mount.

Something something turn the other cheek.