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Twitter for iPhone : Republicans:
“We’re pro-life! It’s all about the children!”

But you’re against free universal pre-k?

Against vaccinating kids from Covid?
“That’s right.”

And you won’t do anything to prevent kids from being shot in school?
“Well, we do offer thoughts & prayers...”


Twitter for iPhone : She’s the one attacked?
This vile creature attacked David Hogg, who survived the Parkland shooting.
She chased him.
Called him names like “idiot” & “coward”.
Labeled him horrible things- “He is very trained. He's like a dog.”
No one can smear her character.
Because she has none.

Twitter for iPhone : Being a mom is the single most consequential thing I’ve ever done.
It’s joyful, yes.
But it’s also a job.
It’s my responsibility to know when they’re in trouble.
And my responsibility to keep them safe.
I’m far from perfect, but man- why do others have to set the bar so damn low?

Twitter for iPhone : The bench of religious hypocrites is deep in the GOP.
While this frat boy Hitler youth rambles on about “God”, remember- he worships a thrice married, serial philander who mocked the disabled & bragged about sexual assault.
This ain’t about God.
It’s about men & it’s about power.

Twitter for iPhone : If Black parents of a Black child we’re on the run - fugitives from law enforcement — after their son had killed some classmates with a gun they bought for him last week every single news organization in America would be covering it LIVE.

Twitter for iPhone : These people aren’t “parents”.
They’re monsters.
There are real parents in Michigan who are grieving right now.
Their children were taken from them because two so called “adults” ignored every red flag brought to their attention, and handed their son a murder weapon.

Twitter for iPhone : For Kevin McCarthy, repeatedly making hateful Islamophobic comments about another member of Congress doesn’t get you removed from your committees. Only daring to vote for an infrastructure bill warrants that.

Twitter for iPhone : Henry had to solve a Rubik’s Cube in under 30-seconds so the class wouldn’t have to take its final-exam.

Henry flexed…