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Twitter Media Studio : 'Since Brexit, we've seen more problems at the UK borders making drivers lives and jobs harder'

@SianBerry says working conditions for lorry drivers have become tougher post-Brexit.

Duncan Buchanan |

Twitter Media Studio : This is what a day in the life of an HGV driver really looks like.

Thank you to @theLorryist for taking the time to share his working day with us.

Jeremy Vine |

Twitter Media Studio : Lorry drivers are the backbone of Britain - so why aren't there enough of them?

Claudia-Liza Vanderpuije |

Twitter Media Studio : 'The key message is that normal behaviour from customers will see the crisis ease quicker'

Matt Warman MP | Duncan Buchanan |

Twitter Media Studio : If panic is to blame for the shortage, then who leaked the news that BP was struggling?

Duncan Buchanan defends the Road Haulage Association over an alleged leaked report about a fuel shortage.

@SianBerry | Jeremy Vine |

Twitter Media Studio : 'You have to look at the steps the Government has taken... but part of the issue is people reacting to their own concern that fuel might run out'

Matt Warman MP defends the government's response to the and says people need to 'behave normally'.

Twitter Media Studio : 'Some people told me they think panic buyers are to blame, but none of the drivers describe themselves as a panic buyer'

Drivers continue to arrive at this petrol station in hope of finding fuel despite the pumps running dry earlier today.

@Tessa5News |

TweetDeck : Is there a panic at the pumps?

Most petrol stations in the UK are now out of fuel - the Petrol Retailers Association says two-thirds of its 5,500 members are running dry.

But have you been affected by the fuel shortage?

Let us know using - send us your story.

Twitter Media Studio : Panic at the Pumps: Live on @Channel5_tv from 7pm.

Have you been unable to get fuel? Or perhaps you've found other ways to get around?

We want to hear your stories and see videos of your experiences using .

Jeremy Vine | Claudia-Liza Vanderpuije

Twitter Media Studio : 'I'm sick to my back teeth of this couple'

@NanaAkua1 hits out at Prince Harry and Meghan after the couple appeared on stage at Global Citizen Live.

Harry and Meghan were criticised for travelling in a private jet to the climate event.

Nina Myskow |

Twitter Media Studio : Should we build more nuclear power plants in the UK?

@NanaAkua1 and @NinaMyksow warn against the 'frightening' suggestions.

But could it be the solution to future energy supplies?

Jeremy Vine |

Twitter Media Studio : 'If she remains true to herself she should not apologise'

Should Angela Rayner apologise for calling the Tories 'scum'?

Nana Akua | Nina Myskow |

Twitter Media Studio : 'The whole idea of Brexit was so people who did the jobs were better paid for them'

Former HGV driver Chris tells Jeremy Vine he left the role because of poor working conditions - Nana Akua says this is why people voted for Brexit, so they could improve them.

Twitter Media Studio : 'There is no shortage of petrol... the refineries have plenty of fuel.'

Ian from Pembrokeshire works as a petrol retailer, he tells Jeremy Vine that there isn't a fuel shortage.