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Twitter for iPhone : Is it rude to fall asleep in front of the TV?

Or do you get annoyed when your partner does it?

A study found it's not good for you, and stops you getting a good night sleep.

But is it also unfair on the person you're watching with?

Let us know if it happens in your house!

Twitter for iPhone : Is it right to make cyclists a priority on the roads?

From this Saturday major changes to the highway code would see cyclists told to ride in the middle of the road - and will force drivers to have more responsibility.

Is it sensible or will it lead to more accidents?

Twitter for iPhone : Should the Prime Minister u-turn on compulsory vaccines for NHS staff?

Healthcare workers need to be double jabbed by April, but there are warnings that thousands could lose their jobs.

The government is considering delaying the plans, but should they be scrapped altogether?

Twitter Media Studio : 'Any efforts to protect women are welcome but an app simply won't cut it'

@WomensAid CEO Farah Nazeer says mobile apps could be 'deeply worrying' because women's movements could be tracked.

Storm |

Twitter Media Studio : 'We need to talk about the issue of violence against women and girls but not through the lens of what more can women do'

@AnnaMayB says we need to discuss how we can all change the culture that 'emboldens some men to dehumanise women'.

Reclaim These Streets | Storm |

Twitter Media Studio : 'Anything we do to keep women safe on our streets is welcomed, however, these apps are patronising.'

Dawn Neesom thinks women's safety apps 'ignore the root cause of the problem'.

She says we should be educating men and boys instead.

Nina Myskow | Storm |

Twitter Media Studio : 'I practically cheered out loud when I read Jo Frost's comment'

Supernanny Jo Frost says 'kids have no problem' wearing facemasks and that it's the adults that are 'acting like tantrum toddlers'.

Do you agree?

Dawn Neesom | Nina Myskow | Storm |

Twitter Media Studio : 'The cliche is to say he was larger than life but he was that - he was a decent man'

Nina Myskow pays tribute to legendary singer Meat Loaf who has died aged at the age of 74, she shares her experience of interviewing the 'genuine and funny' man.

Storm |

Twitter Media Studio : 'We put the actors under a lot of stress and pressure, but they nailed it'

The director of the incredible Boiling Point, Philip Barantini, told Jeremy Vine about how they managed to record the entire film with Stephen Graham in one shot.

Ayesha Hazarika |

Twitter Media Studio : Should women be prioritised by breakdown services like the AA?

Martin Daubney ✌🏻🇬🇧 says 'if you believe in gender equality they should be treated the same'.

Storm | Jeremy Vine | Ayesha Hazarika |

Twitter Media Studio : 'They're playing politics with our children's education'

Martin Daubney ✌🏻🇬🇧 says schools that defy Boris Johnson on facemasks are 'scaremongering and should be ashamed of themselves'.

He's responding to reports that some school headteachers are still asking students to wear masks.

Twitter Media Studio : A dog has been rescued by a sausage attached to a drone. 🌭🐶

Drone footage captured the moment that starving Millie the dog was guided through dangerous mudflats by a sausage dangling in front of it from a drone.

Storm | Jeremy Vine |

Twitter Media Studio : 'After Life is brilliant, it's dark humour and parts are uncomfortable, but it shines a light on mental health and grief'

@RickyGervais has been commended for the 'poignant' writing in the Netflix UK & Ireland series .

Ayesha Hazarika | Jeremy Vine |

Twitter Media Studio : 'They all get so much love... people say I don't have enough time in the day, but I make time for them'

Joanne from Lancashire has 30 cats and says they are all well looked after and each gets equal amounts of attention.

Ayesha Hazarika | Jeremy Vine |

Twitter Media Studio : 'They're all happy... but most of them have died off now'

Magi in Cheshire used to have 23 cats at home - she took them in to give them a better life and says they're treated wonderfully.

Martin Daubney ✌🏻🇬🇧 | Jeremy Vine |

Twitter Media Studio : How many cats are too many cats?

The head of a cat charity stepped down from their position after it was revealed one of his colleagues owned 18 cats.

Was he right to resign? Or is having 18 cats fine?

Ayesha Hazarika | Martin Daubney ✌🏻🇬🇧 | Jeremy Vine |

Twitter Media Studio : 'If you wake up with symptoms you should stay indoors'

Is it too soon to scrap isolation rules?

GP Taylor says people who don't isolate when they have Covid symptoms will be putting vulnerable lives at risk.

Martin Daubney ✌🏻🇬🇧 | Ayesha Hazarika | Jeremy Vine |

Twitter Media Studio : 'This pandemic is over in terms of its widespread risk of death'

Martin Daubney ✌🏻🇬🇧 believes we should 'get back to normal and move on' from Covid.

But is it too soon to get back to normal? What about those who are still vulnerable?

Ayesha Hazarika | Jeremy Vine |