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Twitter for iPhone : Even if they didn’t take money, the Corporate Dems would still use the excuse of “well, I share concerns with the people who oppose this bill in the polls. My hands are tied”

Twitter for iPhone : Basic psychology, how to play poker, how to play blackjack, random science facts, how to mimic voice actors and changing my voice, how to draw from Pappyland, a little politics, various mythologies and culture stuff, and of course, a little Japanese

Twitter for iPhone : Congressional Republicans: “we shouldn’t be spending this much money

State and Local Republicans: *does a recall election and audits that costs a lot of money*

Twitter for iPhone : I wish everyone working in Congress treated it like High School where doing your work and being popular was considered a good thing and something everyone wants

Twitter for iPhone : If the party majority was switched in the senate, you know without a shadow of a doubt, that Trump would sick his base on the parliamentarian for blocking his agenda.

Twitter for iPhone : September: “Did you guys have a good day today?”
FBI: “yes, we had a great day!”
Victims: “no, you did not”
FBI: “yes”
Victims: “no”
FBI: “yes”
Victims: “No. You did not have a good day”