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Twitter Web App : 'This book is phenomenal. An incredibly written with some of the best art you'll see in a mainstream superhero comic. Firmly set in the present day continuity of the Batman line, while feeling like it will sit on the shelves as a standalone for years to come.' - James Tynion IV

Twitter Web App : BIG NEWS: I'm doing my next book, Shadoweyes For Good, on Substack!!! sophiecampbell.substack.com Yes I am aware of the discourse but they're paying me a ton of money and I could really use it (for expensive kaiju figures).

Twitter Web App : Stepping back over to my main twitter for a hot second just to say how excited I am for you all to see what Josh and Jorge Molina are building for you on the Batman title!

I've read his first issue and it kicks ass, and yes, that costume is a clue about what this arc is about :)

Twitter Web App : James Tynion IV reports in from the abyssal horrors of his storage locker, and talks about this week's comic releases, and falling back in love with the internet in the latest Tiny Update.

Twitter Web App : In the latest THINKING BAT THOUGHTS, James Tynion IV breaks down his thoughts on Batman's voice and continuity. Available only to paid subscribers.