Jackson Yorkshire born & bred. (@Jackson13105247 )

Jackson Yorkshire born & bred.

Bio HGV driver. Ex BFAWU Branch secretary. The strong should carry the weak.. Hate #Racists and bigots. Stop Russia.
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Twitter Web App : There is nothing in the Queen's Speech to improve workers' share of GDP.
In 1976, it was 65.1%.
By 2019, it declined to 48.7%.
Huge wealth transfer from workers to capital.
There can be no levelling-up without reducing capital's share of GDP.
Govt has no policies.

Twitter for iPhone : Elon’s gonna let Shitler back on Twitter. Let’s fuck with him. Hard.

Twitter for iPad :
Speech full of……….nothing
Empty insincere promises
Must have spent 10 mins writing this - cobbled together on the toilet
Many concerned re environment/biodiversity, animal welfare too
All those promises gone - which is what needs to happen to the Tories🖕

Twitter for iPad : So - no blood-curdling nuclear threats from Putin, no declaration of war, no general mobilisation, no sign he’s a sick man. Now, faced with defeat in a variety of forms, he’ll presumably dig in & fight a longish war in Donbas. What a dreadful waste of time, life & money.