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Wildmoka : : Iranian-Jewish festival kicks off in📍Jerusalem

Twitter for iPhone : The photo was taken by Israeli photo journalist Naftali Hilger in one of his trips to Yemen, back when there were still a few hundred Jews remaining in Yemen. The book is upside down as Yemeni Jews were accustomed to read literature from all angles:

Twitter for iPhone : There’s a concerted effort to ideologically cleanse progressive politics of anyone or anything that dares to believe in Israel’s right to exist. The fearmongering about “Zionist organizations” has an undeniable undercurrent of Antisemitism that cannot and should not be ignored.

Twitter Media Studio : חותם ראשון מסוגו מתקופת בית שני התגלה בכותל. על האבן היקרה מופיעות חריתות של שני אלמנטים - ציפור, ככל הנראה יונה, ולידה ענף ועליו חמישה פירות, שהחוקרים סוברים כי הוא צמח בושם האפרסמון, ממנו הופקה קטורת למקדש
Sharon Idan | שרון עידן
(צילום ועריכה: אסף פרי, עיר דוד)

Twitter for iPhone : Twins in Israel who were conjoined at the skull and separated via a successful 12 hour long surgery last month were released home today.

A montage from their births in August of 2020 to their release today on the 21st of October 2021, over a year later

🎥: Soroka spokesperson