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Twitter for Android : Hu?? Twisting history as the air they breath. Did Eman leave out the Christians murdered by Palestinians. And the FACT Christian flagist retaliated and attacked Sabra and Shatila. Not Israelis.

Twitter Web App : Jon J DeliaClaire When these leftist antizionist Rabbis talk about delegitimizing Israel, the antisemites look at it as top Rabbis agree that Israel is an apartheid state and are colonizers. They are fueling the pro Palestine crowd same as Haaretz does. It is giving the haters legitimacy.

Twitter Web App : Meanwhile in Jerusalem: A friendly competition between a police officer and a local Arab.

May we see more of this and less conflict.

Twitter for Android : Today, September of 1943: Two thousand in , Belorussia, are deported to the Sobibór death camp; 80 are selected for forced labor and the rest are gassed.

September of 1943: The Nazis begin the deportation of the of Lida, Belorussia to the Majdanek death camp