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Bio Antiracism and human rights advocate. Leadership expert, empath, INFJ. Opinions are my own. Click bio link to see just my tweets. 🌊🇺🇸🗽⚖️🏳️‍🌈 #BLM #RESIST
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Kate's brain : 2022: GROW OUR MAJORITIES 🌊 Devout Democrat | #ClimateAction | Dem Volunteer for: CA Recall, Biden 2020 & GA Runoff 🍑 | Anti-Racist | Pro-Science | #Resist

San Luis Obispo, CA : I’m here to fight against the GOP. Must love dogs and democracy. 🚫MAGA #BidenHarris #climatechange #BLM #Goodtrouble #antifa

Motivated Democrat. INFP. Opinions are my own. #resist #blm #strongertogether #socialjustice #fbr #katecollective 🌊

1060 W Addison St, Chicago, IL : 💀Freelance Troll💀Father💀Husband💀Gamer💀MetalHead💀Opinionated AF💀DRINK MORE WATER💀#regularjackass #NSFW

New England : “Whatever you are, be a good one.” ⚡️Here for people, politics, humor and hijinks ⚡️Views and meltdowns expressed are my own ⚡️ #RightMatters

El Paso, TX : Author. Screenwriter. Mom. Resister. Traitor Hater. #Biden/Harris💙🌊 Feature Entertainment/Political Writer for RSR #DemVoice1 #FreshResist

dreaming : 🌺 You’re either the artist or the muse  #blacklivesmatter #loveislove #StopAsianHate #TGTrendGang 💉💉😷

New England, United States : Grassroots Political Strategist. Advocate for Civil Rights, Human Rights, & Equality. Music lover, gamer, Democrat and Autism Dad! I speak Sarcasm and Bocce.

Texas, USA : I tweet about politics. Blue dot in a red state. 🌊 The main thing is keeping the main thing the main thing. ☮️🗽⚖️🌎

Australia : #Writer NF & MM ✨Born 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Raised 🇦🇺 #EQUALITY 🏳️‍🌈 ✊🏽 📚 #RESISTER ✨ F/Mac ✨Pearl Jam✨Aus Labor Party✨ 🌊 😷 ⚛️

Brooklyn, NY : Med field 🏥 • 💍 •✌🏿✌🏾✌🏽✌🏼✌🏻• 🏳️‍🌈 ally • Vaxxed • Nice unless you’re willfully ignorant • Mentally honest • Resist 🌊 • Dry humor & wet wine🍷

The Heartland : MAGAs tell me I have the IQ of a rock. Viewer discretion advised. She/Her. Can’t cook worth a shit. @stephenking’s #1 fan. I’m a Pfizer 😉 #Biden2020 💙💙

Dorky, and weird. Leftist. Resistor. Special needs mom. Married. Farted on a baby accidentally once. #illuminaughty

Wife, mother, granny, shanty Irish, author of history books. Lover of life, proud American. Never Trump. No DM's, Vaxed

Mid-Flight to Cancun : My father was an immigrant. He raised me in Canada. I moved to America and now work to prevent everyone after me from experiencing the American Dream 🇺🇸

23rd of Loneliness, PNW : Indigenous AF (who you rly mad at?ily) Internet Researcher; I always return carts to their area, here to brag about that; #Festivus =#AmericaNow #AntiAntiANTIFA

Arkansas, USA : Truthful / GWM / Contractor / Small Business Owner / Student of Human Behavior / Lover of Art & Design ( all aspects )

N/W corner CA : Retired History teacher Resister, support ALL Civil rights, Fuck Republicans, Pagan, Earth First

Suburbia OH : Mid-50s, happily married, BA PolSc, Fortune50 retiree, R party escapee, TNBC surv, love to travel & read, proud Grandma. Leave a place better than you find it.

Artist or something fitting such description. He/ Dude/ Buddy/ That Guy A volte un medico. If i have blocked you, it means you're an unsalvageable imbecile.