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Isabel Oakeshott My neighbours are both lovely pensioners who liked nothing better than to take their camper van to Portugal for six months over the winter

They don't do that anymore

Got anything you'd like to say to them as they voted for Brexit like you did but based on stuff you told them?

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Have just read on an overseas report that Charles 3 expects 2cm of toothpaste on his toothbrush every morning and that his shoe laces are pressed…let that sink in. Someone puts tooth paste on your tooth brush for you! (and UK tax payers foot the bill)…

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If Jacob Rees Mogg was an extremist of the left, instead of being a right wing extremist, who would he be? Derek Hatton, Arthur Scargill?

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James Cleverly🇬🇧 Conservatives Liz Truss In view of the video evidence of your meeting with Steve Bray would you like to apologise for your lie? In days gone by when integrity counted you would resign.

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If the UK had the average income and inequality levels of Australia/Canada/France/Germany/Netherlands typical household incomes would be a THIRD higher - that’s a massive £8,800 per household. Economic failure has a high price

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I think it would be a fair bet that if we had a more centrist government, our political commentators would, in the main, become more centrist, moving from their hard right to more moderate positions. It would be an interesting experiment to observe…

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We will always remember the lies and false promises. We former Remainers are not getting behind Brexit anytime soon, project based on deceit.

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(((Dan Hodges))) Sometimes Dan…

There aren’t two sides to a debate

Sometimes, something is just shit

A failure

A catastrophe

And reporting otherwise is a denial of reality at best

And pure deception at worst.

Take this example…


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I watched ITV and BBC main TV news prog yesterday. I live in Barcelona which allows me to see the UK news with some objectivity. Both programmes offered no context to any of their items. It was reporting without any analysis. 1.

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John Redwood How is there competition in the water market? What there is is a series of privatised monopolies. If I want a more competitive deal on my domestic water, I have no choice of provider.

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Great to see so much support from other EU countries. The wild fires in France are pretty scary at the moment…