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Twitter for Android : its not difficult to see us or to let us be . It's not difficult for all of us to share this world with taking away anyone rights or language that state us exclusively. Its not rocket science really. IS IT REALLY .

Twitter for Android : women are here to stay . No matter how the world tries its best to silence us in so many ways. We will not accept anything else. We are fighters and its in our DNA. We will Continue to be vocal and persue our rights and preserve womanhood for our daughters and future

Twitter for Android : why must we defend who we are .why must we accept to be repackaged, renamed & rights fiddle with ,shouted at and our spaces taken over.Why must we accept that. Women don't go after anyone rights at all. We are pushed to the limit.We will fight back ferociously .bank on it

Twitter for Android : we women have bedn fighting for our rights since the beginning. Why. Yet we are vital to humanity existence. We are vital beings. Why must we compromised all the time. Why must we fight fir simple right to exclusivity in our language. Why must we penalised for that

Twitter for Android : women's and girls worldwide rights are human rights and need to be respected and not diluted or downgraded. We are human beings who the world is destroying to control us in million forms and ways. Yet without us there will be no progress or humanity for that matter

Twitter for Android : the mood I am in today is. Dont try with me. I really will put you straight and I am African I do not mince my word. Go elsewhere and make yourself useful instead of telling a woman what she Should do. Women already know what they want to do. you are just empty vessel

Twitter for Android : be authentic you .speak your mind . Show and tell.tjr world who you are. Women and girls need to be visible in every policy and document created. We are been pushed to be invisible. No don't accept that .we are women and girls.

Twitter for Android : overwhelmed with your love .thank you gorgeous people of the world. This 52yrs is feeling your love ❤ ❤❤❣❣