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Twitter Web App : Hilarious
Sea Lion Comes on Land, Swims in Pool, and Steals Man's Chair
He knew exactly where to go. He’s done this often. That is probably where he cozies up daily. He is so cute


Twitter Media Studio : Justin Trudeau’s use of the Emergencies Act was unjustified and a huge overreach.

That’s why we are taking Ottawa to court.

Twitter Web App : Why IPCC Climate Forecasts Are So Dodgy

The observed global warming map used by IPCC is not even close to the observed map produced independently using same data

Findings are clear: our planet’s climate is more chaotic & more volatile than IPCC predicts

Twitter Web App : 'The Inept Justin Trudeau with no understanding of economics or the everyday Canadian Family' Carbon Taxing of Canadians.
Wage earning Cdn's not bloodsuckers.

Twitter Web App : A D-Day-level assault on the intellectual & spiritual freedom of Canada's soldiers

It is chilling to think that taxpayers are funding this hare-brained, wildly misguided intrusion into the religious liberty of the members of the Armed Forces
Conrad Black

Twitter Web App : Former staffer fired after convoy donation sues Ford government, media

Citing invasion of privacy, public disclosure of private fact, damage to reputation & emotional distress

Hope she wins! Send a clear message.
This was just wrong

Twitter Web App : Stephen Harper: Why it’s time to stop negotiating with Iran

Western leaders must learn from the mistakes that led to the attack on Ukraine & start dealing with the world in accord with our own security interests, writes Harper

Harper speaks common sense