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Twitter for iPhone : Very restless night. Queues continued throughout the small hours. Garage had to close several times. Gridlock, arguments and car horns. Still snaking round the corner.

And every time I look outside, I cannot help but think: people were sold this as “taking back control”.

Twitter for iPad : 🇪🇺 So EU more citizens will have the right to work in the UK

👍🏼 Good

🚫 But UK citizens will not have the right to work in the EU

🤝 Freedom of movement was a two-way street

😪 How could the Tories have celebrated depriving us of employment opportunities?

Sprout Social : EU citizens have never been a ‘burden’. They’re our friends, family, neighbours, and our country relies on them.

We should be open and welcoming — not opening our doors only when we’re desperate, only to slam them quickly later.…

Twitter Web App : This would be a complete game-changer for British politics. Without it, Britain looks set to be condemned to many more years of Tory governments elected by a minority of voters.

But does The Labour Party dare to change the game?

Does it actually want to change anything...?

Twitter Web App : The September update to the The OED includes the word 'anti-vax' for the first time. Now usually used as an adjective, the first recorded use of the word is as a noun in a letter written by a certain Gloucestershire surgeon, Edward Jenner, in 1812.

Twitter for iPad : .The Green Party calls for Emergency Food Resilience Summit

‘Farmers markets and local food coops, including community-supported agriculture, can make high-quality affordable food available locally, and keep more of value of production with the farmer’…

Twitter for iPhone : Just checked with friends in Germany - they have no fuel shortages, no acute HGV driver shortages, no empty supermarket shelves, no gas crisis, no panic buying. “But we also have no Brexit,” as one of them pointed out.