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UK COVID-19 Alerts : United Kingdom Daily Coronavirus (COVID-19) Report Β· Monday 27th September.

37,960 new cases (people positive) reported, giving a total of 7,701,715.

40 new deaths reported, giving a total of 136,208.

TweetDeck : Since we won't know the results for a little while yet... come along to our fringe to discuss what's next! twitter.com/Labour4PR/stat…

TweetDeck : Vote on PR goes to a card vote! πŸ—³ πŸ’₯

For (left) vs Against (right)

Whatever happens in the card vote, this is a huge achievement! 🌹 🌹

Twitter Web App : UK supply-chain issues driver & fuel shortages...

Is Brexit the sole cause of these issues? No, but when you have a slow smouldering fire you don't toss a large can of petrol on it without having that blow up in your face.

This is on Boris Johnson & his chums to fix.

Twitter for iPad : Ian Duncan Smith tells us blaming Brexit for this crisis is ridiculous. Cue HGV fleet owner saying Brexit has played significant part. Hmmm... Who to believe?

Twitter for iPhone : The is, at least part, due to the immeasurable levels of dishonesty perpetually used by this Tory government

Even those obsequious enough to support every lie dished out by Johnson & co still know they’re lying, deep down