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🌊 Stop the earth, I want to get off -tired of ignorance, haters and idiots. Fine to disagree but #HereTruthMatter #StandWithUkraine #Resist


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Why are Trumpists upset? The search warrant was approved by a judge not Joe Biden. But if nothing incriminating is found, Trump won't be indicted, or if indicted of course wouldn't be convicted by a jury of his peers. Trump supporters are upset because they suspect...he's guilty.

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The Catholic Church spent over $3,000,000 trying to ban abortion in Kansas

They could’ve spent those 3 MILLION in tax-exempt dollars on alleviating poverty

Or on helping the disadvantaged

But nope they spent those millions trying to shove their religion down everyone’s throats

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Congratulations to Democrats for delivering the largest, most comprehensive toxic exposures package in our nation’s history!

Congratulations to Democrats for delivering the largest, most comprehensive toxic exposures package in our nation’s history! #PACTact
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So apparently FREDOM is NOT having the possibility to choose contraceptives.. according to 96% of House Republicans 🤷‍♂️ can someone explain this to me?

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If you know Donald Trump at all you know that the thing that will bother him the most about the entire J-6 hearings is the showing of the out-takes of his speech because it confirms his worst thoughts himself when he is alone in the dark.

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The Secret Service agents guarding the Vice President called loved ones to say goodbye, thinking they would die.

Let that sink in.

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Nothing says ban assault rifles like 5 school officers, 8 federal DEA officers, 13 U.S. Marshals, 16 sheriff’s deputies, 25 Uvalde officers, 69 officers of nearby law enforcement, 91 state police officers plus 149 U.S. Border Patrol agents being scared of 1 shooter with an AR-15.

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holy fucking shit, more than 220 people were shot and killed in U.S. gun violence over the July 4 holiday weekend. America's door problem is out of control

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ONE mass shooting happens in a different country & now all the americans wanna talk about how “regulations don’t work”. We’ve had two mass shootings in the last 10 years. You’ve had 68 in june.

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This awful excuse of a human forgot to mention that the last time there was a similar mass shooting in Denmark was in 2015. Strict gun laws absolutely works. So does education by the way.

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As a danish person i hate how some people in America right now are using this tragedy in Copenhagen to justify not getting a stricter gunlaw… This is not a normal occurence in my country thanks to strict gunlaws! Meanwhile America has far too many shootings.

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42/ In all of the entire developed world — all the OECD countries on 4 continents — there are only 500,000 medical bankruptcies a year. Every single one of them is here in America.