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Bio Data visualizer, researcher, bicyclist, and spouter of somewhat-thought-through opinions.
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Twitter Web App : The Honeycomb front end is lovely -- and could use more skilled hands making it even better. There are so many exciting data analytics capabilities to unlock! (And Ben is great to work with.)

Twitter Web App : This is a longer read than you might expect -- there was a LOT to say. It turns out that we've been busy for the last few months!

And *two* of these projects started as hackweek projects and are rapidly moving to 'can't imagine living without them' status.

HubSpot : DYK? Observability can help you during development by replacing log statements with a far more powerful tool: distributed traces. Danyel Fisher, our user data expert, shares more in his latest blog post. go.hny.co/3H63pqa

Twitter Web App : Reading Jacobson v Mass -- the Supreme Court decision from 1905 explicitly starts with a 'penumbra' argument. Interesting, perhaps, to those swayed by the 'Roe invented a new thing' argument.


HubSpot : Our first session today with Danyel Fisher, our User Data Expert at Honeycomb, will take a look at recent highlights and the best new things you’ll want to know about and use with Honeycomb. It’s a can’t-miss if you ask us. go.hny.co/3IIGmTE

Twitter Web App : I just learned that Leland Wilkinson passed away a few days ago. While he will be best remembered for Grammar of Graphics, I also admired his broad knowledge and history of the field of visualization, and his continuing work on big data problems.

He will be greatly missed.