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Twitter Web App : Avivah G Zornberg writes “The book of Jonah invites interpretation from the first verse to the last..the enigmas that enrage and sadden Jonah aren't riddles to be solved. They remain; G-d invites Jonah to bear them, to allow new perceptions to emerge unbidden. To stand and pray.”

Twitter Web App : The Star of David is commonly used to represent both Judaism and Israel. It was originally designed to resemble King David’s shield, and Kabbalists have popularized the symbol as a protection against evil spirits✡️

Twitter Web App : On Yom Kippur we fast for 25 hours from the eve of Yom Kippur until nightfall the following day. The reason why is twofold: one, so we have no distractions and can focus on prayer, and two because on this day we are like angels and angels don’t eat food🕊

Twitter Web App : Mensch is a Yiddish phrase meaning “a good, honorable person”. Being called a mensch is an incredibly high compliment. It can also be used to describe someone as reliable and considerate🕊

Twitter Web App : Every Yom Kippur we read the story of the prophet Jonah. His take is simply told, the book is only 47 verses long and yet the word “big” is mentioned 14 times. Let's examine what this story means and discover why it is told each year in our latest blog, link in bio✨

Twitter Web App : Our Mazel Tov Candle features our fresh Mint & Hyacinth Fragrance inspired by the ‘Borei Isvei Vi’samim’ Blessing that is traditionally said over mint and hyacinth plants. 🌱

Twitter Web App : Hanukah is a beautiful holiday filled with light and good food, celebrated with family and friends. We light a Menorah to commemorate the miracle of light, we eat fried foods like delicious latkes and donuts, give gifts or Hanukah ‘gelt’, sing songs and play games like dreidel

Twitter Web App : Shalom Bayit is a phrase meaning “Harmony at Home”. With this candle, we seek to bring familial peace and blessings into the homes of our communities worldwide.🕯

Twitter Web App : While it is the (nearly) universal practice to blow the shofar 100 times on Rosh Hashanah, this was not always the case. The Torah doesn't instruct us on the exact number of shofar blasts required on the day of the new year. So, how did we get to 100? Check out our new blog now

Twitter Web App : Shalom - a Hebrew word meaning peace. It can also be used as a greeting to mean both Hello and Goodbye and is symbolically representative of tranquility, prosperity, completeness, and much more. 🕊