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Soaking up fine sound and tuneage; capturing life in monochrome on me modest mobile phone...& sometimes both.


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My latest for the mighty MIGHTY Performing Rights Society.

You could argue it is not just our industry, but all industries that are suffering.

Please like and share if you like to share -…

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I wish everyone on Earth knew how genuinely 'off the charts' key planetary trends are right now, and how abnormal and critical it is. Things like atmospheric CO2 fraction, heat extremes on land and ocean, biodiversity loss and extinction rates. All alarms should be going off

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Johnson’s team is briefing that they’ve filled a replacement cabinet. This is a lie, unless Rees-Mogg and Dorries are going to do 12 jobs each. Nobody is answering their calls, let alone saying yes.

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Imagine they called a snap general election and you weren't even registered to vote.

Don't be a doylum.

Be a part of your own destiny.

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'A shiver is going around members of the cabinet looking for a spine to run down.'
Thank you Andrew Rawnsley for making me genuinely laugh out loud over my breakfast.

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Johnson needs to go - RIGHT NOW. Where are the Tory MPs’ letters of no confidence? Rewriting the Ministerial Code has to be the last straw. Copying in my MP John Whittingdale - please do something. The man is a complete disgrace. Out124

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There is one angle of that is not being discussed. I have heard not a single journalist ask questions about it so far. And it is, in my view, one of the most important - if not the most important, in terms of learning lessons. THREAD 1/

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Johnson & his MP enablers hope that the public will forget the Partygate scandal before he faces the next election, but be assured that we who were unable to visit dying relatives in hospitals and care homes, or to hold a proper funeral WILL NOT FORGET.