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Twitter Web App : Today's Twitter Poll: What should happen to the energy market? Prices are at record highs, after an explosion in wholesale rates. Many small firms are close to collapse.

Which of these four blunt choices is CLOSEST to your view?

Twitter Web App : A Labour MP makes allegations of threats of violence and intimidation in a national right wing newspaper. Claims she cannot attend conference. Presents no evidence of these threats. Nor can anyone find any evidence of these threats. Does that remind you of anything?

Twitter for iPhone : Sonia Sodha Left misogyny .. omfg.. I’ve not seen one left person (as you call us) threaten her! I however do think she is wrong on Trans 🏳️‍⚧️ and I think it’s wrong if anyone threatens her! Sick of you so called journalists spouting hate towards the Left 🤦‍♀️

Twitter Web App : Unless you work for the Labour Party then it's redundancies, & employ cheaper workers, & everybody else get back to the office, as Labour Party management is looking to *end* hybrid working

What a bunch of hypocrites, like their leader

Twitter Web App : Rachel Riley, TV 'star' of Countdown (and the self-appointed Witch-Finder General in England) Tweeted that Noam Chomsky (probably the world's greatest LIVING political philosopher - and Jewish BTW) is an .

> something is WRONG, is it not?

Twitter Web App : ITV campaign on housing, Marcus Rashford campaigns on child hunger, the Good Law Project campaign on corruption, Corbyn campaigns on the arms industry.

The 'opposition', meanwhile, plots how best to pursue its insane, insular and incomprehensible war on truth.