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Adam Schiff(@RepAdamSchiff) 's Twitter Profile Photo

Kevin McCarthy just kicked me and Rep. Eric Swalwell off the Intelligence Committee.

This is petty, political payback for investigating Donald Trump.

If he thinks this will stop me, he will soon find out just how wrong he is.

I will always defend our democracy.

Andrea Junker(@Strandjunker) 's Twitter Profile Photo

Have you ever wondered why Germans didn’t do anything about Hitler? Well, the rest of the world is wondering exactly that about Americans and Trump.

CM Damico(@DamicoCm) 's Twitter Profile Photo

Re: abortion

Why don't we hear more about the men and boys that participate in the conception?

It takes two. As usual its left up to the woman and girls .

God bless them for having to make this decision.


Nancy Pelosi(@TeamPelosi) 's Twitter Profile Photo

From their very first job to the last, America’s workers pay into Social Security as an insurance policy for a dignified retirement — it's their money.

Democrats will always protect Social Security from Republican attacks, as we have from the day it was enacted. -NP

Marty Taylor(@MartyTa94849826) 's Twitter Profile Photo

Sen. Joe Manchin is working with Republicans to cut or eliminate Social Security. Along with Sinema voting with the GOP they may be able to pass the House bill to end Social Security. Biden will veto but this is way too close. We need Democrats to be Democrats . Not Republicans