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Bio Owner of online streaming media host Hippynet, and retired DJ. Broadcast Operations Engineer working in playout.
When TV and radio break, I fix it.

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Twitter for Android : From running Fragile I know how hard it is to put an event on. Putting a festival on must be 100 times harder. Things go wrong, improvements are made the next time round. Lee Butler and the team will make sure next year is even better.

Twitter for Android : This was the photo. 12 months ago today. Around this time. My only child, 9 year old Béibhinn went down for heart surgery and we nevergot herr back. She is now but I miss her so much. 😭💔 Please never take life and your kids for granted.

Twitter for iPhone : Yes. We’ll get used to living without stuff, we’ll get used to visas, red tape, extra costs, more delays, queues, shortages, less choice, less freedom, less influence, dirtier rivers, narrower horizons, ruined businesses, fewer opportunities…
But why the fuck should we have to?

Twitter Web App : This is Michelle Colin's partner - I can't get hold of Colin and he's not in a great state of mind and possibly suicidal. Last seen in The White Star, please keep an eye out for him

IFTTT : This luxurious penthouse suite on wheels has a compartment underneath big enough to fit a sports car in

Twitter Web App : Journalists: if National Insurance is rising from 12% to 13.25% it is NOT rising by 1.25%. It is rising by 1.25 percentage points. if you want to describe its rise in percentage terms, it is rising by just over 10%. It is a 10% tax hike.

Twitter for Android : If you ever feel like you can't understand stuff and are suffering from imposter syndrome, don't worry, just remember this tweet.

Twitter Web App : Video of US soldiers destroying their own vehicles before they withdrew from Afghanistan.