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Twitter Web App : Why are shepherding and condemning incompatible? Or is it only incompatible when it comes to rich and powerful politicians. Has he heard that we should love the sinner and hate the sin?…

Twitter Web App : Bad theology based on bad medicine. The hierarchy continues to stumble in the dark. Blind guides is what Jesus called them.…

Twitter for iPhone : Tucker CarlsonCulture WarsDave Reilly EMJ: Just As the “Right” to Abortion Is Unraveling Through States Rights,So Too Will CovidTotalitarianism. Both Were Disguised As “Medicine”, But Have Been Exposed For Their Real Purpose: Social Engineering.

Twitter Web App : 'Ms. López was best known for a series of paintings, begun in the late 1970s, that subverted the traditional image of Our Lady of Guadalupe'

No wonder the WaPost praises her as a great artist. Feminist narcissism is the opposite of Our Lady of Guadalupe.…

Twitter Web App : UNWAShED. w/ E. Michael Jones of Culture Wars

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Twitter Web App : This is a popular uprising against the COVID coup d'etat. It's the equivalent of the French marching on the Champs Elysee.…

Twitter Web App : The vaccine is not FDA approved. The mask is like the yellow star of David patch Jews were forced to wear, and the 'vaccine' may very well amount to 'the systematic annihilation of an entire group of people.'

Twitter Web App : The surest way to get elected pope is to tell the conclave that you would die if you were elected. Ambitious cardinals have been using this line for centuries.…

Twitter Web App : The September e-edition of Culture Wars is available at… It features:
*A World of Contradictions Why Indians Can't Cope by Shounak Das
* Quis Custodiet Traditionis Custodes? by E. Michael Jones
* The Decline and Fall of the BBC by Sean Naughton
& more