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Part of being a person is about helping others
Service to others is the rent you pay for your room .


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The ACLU's move to direct OPPOSITION of free speech, on at least 3-4 recent occasions, really has been stunning.

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Ontario's Premier has real 'Fuckboy Who Ghosts You' energy so no, I am not going to get excited about the latest vaccine rollout until it actually happens.

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I wanted to say something about that opens up a space to think about the on-going confluence of racist and sexist violence. When the most harmed and most vulnerable among us are safe, secured, respected, heeded, then we'll be free of sexual violence.

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Yes, this means that I am processing Denim Day through the lens of Delisha and Tree Africa, and what it means to be murdered by the state, and then stolen from your people, and how this is part of the continuum of racist sexist violence that marks our rape culture in the U.S.