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Twitter for Android : Panic buying is done by the rich.

They fill up their Audi Q7s when planning on going no further than the gym, while common folk can't put £5 in, to get to thier shop job. Just like the food shortages. Poor people didn't bulk buy, as they couldn't afford to.

Twitter for Android : Surely with the record number of migrant crossings occurring, the UK will soon corner the market on 2nd hand RIB and Dinghy sales. Maybe they can help fund social care with the profits.

Twitter for Android : I'm not the target audience for this show, as I'm very old, but from what I've seen of it, I've learned that all young women feel they need cosmetic surgery and are fine with being cheated on, as long as the guy is good looking. I weep for the future!

Twitter for Android : The disaster unfolding, is not the disaster many claim. It's part of the unspoken agenda the Government had all along. The shortages of Labour will be 'solved' by the next phase... Cuts to benefits. Thus creating a cheap UK labour force, from existing benefit claimants.