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Bio Constitutional Lawyer, Human Rights Activist, Minister of Finance Zimbabwe (2009-2013) Vice President MDC, MP Harare East
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Twitter for iPhone : The chickens are coming home to roost . The usurper must know that what goes around comes around . He has reached the end of his tether . Hoisted by his own petard the usurper s days are numbered.

Twitter for iPhone : In normal societies, road building contracts go to tender.

The company that offers the best deal will win the tender in an open contest.

Now in Zimbabwe and other African countries like this one, the contacts are unprocedurally given to party surrogates who produce this crap!

Twitter for iPhone : Absolutely ridiculous that Emmerson s acolyte Glynn Cohen who was granted US$200 m Beitbridge upgrade ,without completing project & without a legal instrument is now levying tolls of US$300 per truck .Zim has truly became a kakistocracy run & controlled by cartels

Twitter Web App : 1. Stembiso Nyoni has been MP for Nkayi South probably for 40yrs. She is just realizing that there is acute shortage of schools in her constituency? chronicle.co.zw/acute-shortage…

Twitter for Android : Citizens are saying Ngaapinde Mukomana and ZANU PF is saying Ngaauraiwe Mukomana says TENDAI BITI . Video Credit Heart and Soul TV Radio