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Bio Constitutional Lawyer, Human Rights Activist, Minister of Finance Zimbabwe (2009-2013) Vice President MDC, MP Harare East
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Twitter for iPhone : The privatization of Fidelity Printers & Gold Refinery is one the biggest asset heist under the Mnangwagwa regime.Not only is it patently illegal,it is immoral & decadent .It personifies the Deep State that Emmerson has crafted in his own image in such a short time in office

Hootsuite Inc. : As the President of Liberia, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was the first African woman to address the .

President Sirleaf served as president from 2006–2018.

She was the first African woman to be democratically elected as the Head of State.

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Twitter for iPhone : The is the worst government in the history of governments. A bankrupt vacuous regime . How does a government minister spend 3 years living in a grand hotel at the expense of the tax payer ?

Twitter for iPhone : The surrender of rights in communal lands to predatory Chinese actors in places such as Dinde ,Mutoko ,Mavuradonha & others is wreaking environmental & social havoc. This is not development but predatory extraction that would have embarrassed Cecil Rhodes himself. This must stop

Twitter for iPhone : It’s a dark dark day. We will remember this day many years later as the day the constitution died . May all those involved bear the full weight of disgrace this day has brought upon us .

Twitter Web App : Together with our partners Lawyers for Lawyers & IBAHRI, we launched this report chronicling the trials & tribulations of Zimbabwean lawyers. We urge Zim authorities to embrace & accept the critical recommendations & allow lawyers to do their work without hindrance & interference.

Twitter for Android : FORMER Finance minister Tendai Biti, who is also a former chairperson of the National Assembly’s Public Accounts Committee, said the proposed mergers of financial institutions involving government entities do not pass the due diligence test.

Twitter for iPhone : Emmerson Mnangwagwa has no limit nor elasticity in respect of the extent he will go to pursue his agenda for power retention & authoritarian hegemony in the Gramscian sense.Our mistake as democrats is to assume that he has any modicum of decency or objectivity. He does not .