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Bio I work in the healthcare industry and am a mom, among other things. Neuroscience. Feminism. Opinions expressed are my own views. she/her
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Twitter Web App : NEW Project! Ever wondered what would happen if you let a tree design a typeface? Back in 2015, I carved an alphabet into the bark of a tree and documented it annually. Visit… to read more and download the free font!

Twitter for Android : Er gaat zoveel mis in dit interview dat ik echt niet weet waar ik moet beginnen. Wat een ongelooflijke lul de behanger is dit toch.…

Twitter Web App : Voornaamste voorbeeld waarom o.a. discriminatie en seksisme nog steeds zegevieren in onze samenleving. Daders worden als slachtoffers neergezet en de mensen die er iets aan kunnen doen zullen nooit actie ondernemen zolang het ze geld oplevert. 🤮…

Twitter for iPhone : Seeing someone you’ve seen several times on zoom in the real world and not recognizing them when they don’t wear headphones and sit in front of their zoom background

Twitter for iPhone : The few narratives that are considered “acceptable” are often prefaced with trauma and pain—as if they were the price to be exacted for bodily autonomy.

I am glad I had my abortions. Any trauma I felt was because of silence and stigma…

Twitter Web App : An estimated 1.5 billion people will experience menopause by 2025.

Help us publish this anthology to widen the platform for those of us going through this life transition.

Pledge if you can--it's like pre-ordering with treats on top!…

Twitter Web App : There will be a TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE this Sunday night! What does this mean for you?

If you can see the Moon from where you are during the eclipse, you'll see it get gradually dark, then turn red. It can be very dramatic!

More info and visibility maps:…