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'It would mean the world. It's why I became a professional.'

FC Dallas all-star Paul Arriola hopes to realize his World Cup dream with USMNT this fall.

Don't miss our conversation about his journey, tonight on FOX 4 NEWS at 10:30. FOX Soccer

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πŸ—£NEW w/ Paul Arriola

πŸ’« w/ Jesus Ferreira
🀠Feeling at home in TX
πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ superlatives
🐢His pups delivering big news FC Dallas

Susannah Collins Jillian Sakovits

πŸ“Ί: youtu.be/qhBEZ1L5QAQ
🎧: apple.co/3zhp5y9

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We need to make sure our lawmakers from our gun violence crisis.

Text BOLD to 64433 to call your U.S. senators and demand action on gun safety now.

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This is SO, SO important! Must practice these drills more often!!Sweetwater Schools_SPED Sweetwater Schools PLEASE parents teach your kids that drill prepare us! It will become muscle memory and can save lives!