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Twitter for iPhone : Boris Johnson outright lying again.

— UK not the fastest growing country in G7

— 400K jobs have not been added compared to start of pandemic.

— Govt have not got all the “big calls right”

This is all very provably false.

Twitter for iPhone : Talked to someone at the March for Life about “my body, my choice” and now our brains hurt.

Twitter Web App : What’s with the support at Southampton…beating top of the league, players running their nuts off & fans just sat on their hands with their mouths taped shut like they’re on the sofa at home watching it. St Mary’s is where atmospheres go to die.

Twitter Web App : every now and then the “i average 30 plus” mob turn up…I don’t remember anyone backing it up on air.

Twitter for iPhone : Woke up this morning to the radio talking about the cost of living rising a further 5%. It infuriates me the index that they use for this calculation, which grossly underestimates the real cost of inflation as it happens to people with the least. Allow me to briefly explain.

Twitter for iPhone : I mean of all the things, the Prime Minister claiming that he’s cutting the cost of living while the price of basic food products shoot up by THREE HUNDRED AND FORTY FOUR PERCENT is the one I’m properly angry enough to riot over.

Twitter for iPhone : If you're unlucky enough to have a Tory MP who tries to defend Johnson by trotting out the 'wait for the Sue Gray report' line, try asking them this 👇 @BBCQuestionTime

Twitter for iPhone : I don’t know who made this but it’s one of the best things I’ve ever seen

Twitter for iPhone : He’s laughing at you.

Twitter Web App : Boris Johnson, your deflections and distractions are absurd.

Not only did you know about the parties in Downing Street, you attended them.

Stop lying to the British public. It’s time to finally come clean.